Diane LeBlanc, Realtor

Born and raised in Minnesota, I have witnessed the state's growth and embraced its winters. With a background in financial services, specializing in marketing and relationship management, I seamlessly transitioned into real estate, a passion I have nurtured through building four homes and my love of interior design. I believe trust is earned through results, and my success is defined by yours. I offer unparalleled service, guiding clients through transactions with clarity and ease. Focused on honesty, respect, and integrity, I value genuine client relationships. I share my knowledge, ensuring clients are informed at every step of this major financial decision. Partner with me, and together, we will achieve your real estate goals, supported by my extensive network and dedication to excellence across all price ranges and life stages.

When I'm not selling real estate, I am...
1.   Spending quality time with my family and friends…very important to me.
2.   Traveling when I can…I have definite travel goals.
3.   Out enjoying whatever is going on in Minnesota. I love boating…camping…snow shoeing…festivals…concerts…wineries...you name it…I love to be busy and out!
What matters most...
1.   My genuine connections with my family and friends…people in general.
2.   Finding balance in my life and happiness both personally and professionally.
3.   Personal growth and always learning.

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