Diana Peppe, Realtor

A born and raised Minneapolis native, Diana's whole professional career has been guiding towards the path of being a real estate expert! Excelling in both real estate operations and as a Financial Specialist, Diana has supported some of the top-producing agents in the Twin Cities. Diana realized she had a plethora of invaluable hands-on experiences in every aspect of the industry and a prfound understanding of the instricacies, and has taken that expertise into her own real estate business. 

Diana is known for creating seamless systems and personalized support tailored to specific client needs and goals, and recognizes the significance of each step of the process and work tirelessly to ensure all stakeholders are satisfied from contract to close.

What Matters Most.. 

Holding steadfast to core values of mutual respect, open communication, and teamwork

Unparalleled support to clients, assisting them in achieving their goals and fostering their success.

Supporting not only clients, but her family as well. From her husband's HVAC company to her daughter's college pursuits, Diana is a true support system. 

When Not Selling Real Estate...

Diana's heart belongs to their adorable pets: Sassi the pitbull, Faye the puggle, and LeeLee, the bossy kitty-kat. Their boundless affection and playful antics bring a special joy to Diana's life.

Cooking is more than a passion for Diana, it is a true love language where she's able to delight in the art of culinary creation! 

Creative arts are Diana's therapy.. from woodwork and interior design to the latest DIY project, it brings her to life! 

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